Stent Projects Modular creates low cost housing and infrastructure buildings

A modular product which has almost infinite residential and commercial applications internationally.

About Stent Projects Modular

Rapid, low-cost, safe modular construction

Stent Projects Modular has been established to answer a growing international need for the creation of low cost housing and infrastructure buildings, which can be placed rapidly in situ without compromising the quality of materials, construction or the longevity of the buildings.

Following many years of experience including research, development and design, Stent Projects Modular has created a modular product which has almost infinite residential and commercial applications, particularly where there is a need to complete the project within a short time frame.

We specialise in project-specific assembly facilities where pop-up, or temporary assembly factories can be set up close to or on-site. Experts at analysing and establishing project-specific requirements, Stent Projects Modular is geared towards maximizing the potential of modular construction and passing these benefits to our clients. By setting up a pop-up factory close to or on-site, we are reducing delivery time and providing a local connection to the project to adjust to the traditional ebb and flow of a construction programme.

Modular frame
Modules are built on-site
Modular classroom being crane lifted into position
Lifting module into position
Part modular school with brick façade
Part modular school with brick façade
Modular Café
Modular marketing suite and café
Modular living room
Modular living room
Modular dining room
Modular dining area

Modular School, Southwark, in London's first ever on-site, pop-up factory

A Unique On-site Modular Construction

The temporary building for the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Borough Academy School consists of educational accommodation and break-out areas for year 7 students for use prior to the opening of the permanent main school building on the main Southwark Fire Station site. This temporary building opened in September 2019 and will stay in use until end of September 2021 when the main school is due to open.

The occupancy level of the temporary school is 180 pupils plus 7 staff members adding up to an overall occupancy of 187 persons.

The temporary school is a modular two-storey steel frame construction fabricated in a ‘pop- up’ factory set up on the actual site of the new temporary school.

There are 26 Modular units over two levels, consisting of 8 classrooms; Staffroom; Staff Toilet; Headmaster’s Office; Server Room; Group Seminar Room; Admin Office; Lobby; 2 Toilet Blocks (one male, one female); 2 Stores; Plant; 2 stairwells from ground to first floor.

On-site pop-up factory
On-site pop-up factory
Modular units constructed on-site
Constructing a modular unit on-site
Modular units constructed on-site
On-site modular production line
Modular units in factory
Modular units in pop-up factory
Construction of modular units
On-site pop-up factory
Construction of modular units
Constructing a modular unit on-site
Modular classroom unit
Typical module unit on-site
Modular temporary school
Modular school façade

Modular construction is ideal for a diverse range of market sectors

Private Accommodation; Schools; International Communities

Modular manufacturing is popular throughout a range of market sectors and is firmly in evidence throughout the UK and internationally. Our diverse experience spans from private and social housing and student & keyworker accommodation to UK based academic classrooms and international communities.

From London’s first pop-up modular factory to off-site manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, and other Middle Eastern locations and African countries, the senior management of Stent Projects Modular have a reliable reputation in delivering construction projects. These include construction projects in challenging environments such as completion of the Nile Mansions hotel and Kampala Conference in Uganda. The team also has many years of experience in large deployments of manpower, equipment and materials to hostile environments.

School, modular construction
Residential, modular construction
International communities, modular construction
International communities
Modular 3D
Modular construction 3D high rise
Modular 3D
Modular construction 3D Z-shape
Modular 3D
Modular construction 3D L-shape
Modular 3D
Modular construction 3D blocks
Residential, modular construction
Modular cafe
Modular residential

Modular Living now has a growing emphasis on comfort as well as safety

Modular Buildings tick all the boxes

Modular Living has progressed rapidly over the last few years, with a growing emphasis on comfort as well as safety. Given the critical nature of requirements for buildings which are both modern, functional, efficient, smart and have a guaranteed speed of delivery and meet costs to suit budgets, modular buildings tick all the boxes.

Because these structures are manufactured offsite to the highest specifications, they can also be installed without causing disruption to daily routines on customer’s locations. Client requirements have lead to a rapid rise in demand for modular construction, where turnaround times and quality construction means early investment returns for clients. This rapid construction in relation to economic production methods has seen a noticeable trend in the UK to utilise modular methods for social housing and student accommodation. Stent Projects Modular is geared towards capitalising on market trends such as this, as well as focusing strongly on their experienced oversees markets.

Modular interior, bedroom
Modular Living, Bedroom
Modular interior, kitchen & dining
Modular Living, Dining Area
Modular interior, dining
Modular Living, Kitchen Area
Modular interior, living area
Modular Living, Living Area

We are proud of our diverse, professional and enthusiastic teams of workers

Our Team and Workforce

Stent Projects Modular has the necessary construction and manufacturing personnel with extensive experience of delivering projects under pressure, even in challenging environments.

With progressive partnerships and a highly experienced and qualified team, we have a reputation for reliability when delivering construction projects. Stent Projects Modular is proud of its diverse, professional and enthusiastic teams of workers, from fully qualified construction and trade workers through to management and Directors.

When working in international community projects, Stent Projects Modular endeavours to employ local skilled labour during the assembly stages of the project, encouraging collaborative community building.

Stent Projects Modular Team
Stent Projects Modular Team
Stent Projects Modular Team
Construction of modular units

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